Automated Speed Limiter

We are Federal Road Safety Corps FRSC accredited vendors of automated speed limiters in Nigeria.

FRSC Approved Marketers of Speed Limiting Device

Chevan Resources is FRSC approved dealer of speed limiter device. The approved marketers are marketers certified by the major technical committee members which includes Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON), National Automotive Council (NAC) and FRSC.

According to the Federal Road Safety Corps FRSC "speed limiting device sometimes referred to as governor’ is used for controlling the speed of a vehicle or a device used to measure or regulate the speed of a vehicle."

"This device does not allow the driver to accelerate beyond the stipulated speed limit by law as has been programmed in the vehicle. So no matter how the driver tends to accelerate, the pre-set speed limit will not be exceeded."

Frequently Asked Questions about Speed Limiters