Intruder Detection and Alarm Systems

Intruder Detection Solution as an integral element in the security management system we provide for our clients.

Wireless Network Access Systems:

Chevan Resources provides Wireless Access Systems (WAS) for end-user radio connections to public or private core networks. With wireless technologies, we implement solutions for cordless telecommunication and local area network systems.

Wireless Telephony Systems:

Chevan Resources deploys Wireless Telephony System (WTS) to provide clients communication solutions for telephone sets, answering machines, fax machines, and computers.

We set up Local Area Network (LAN) with voice capability. This can be part of a larger network or can be connected into the telephone system. Wireless Telephony System (WTS) provides for organisations and private clients:

  • The ability to make a normal voice phone call (whether or not the person called is immediately available; that is, the phone will ring at the location of the person called) through the Internet at the price of a local call
  • The ability to send fax transmissions at very low cost (at local call prices) through a gateway point on the Internet in major cities
  • The ability to send voice messages along with text e-mail


We provide a national coverage delivering service to your location anywhere in Nigeria.


We stock, supply, install and service top of the range digital security products.


Reliability from our extensive experience delivering on projects for our clients.

years of experience

We are ahead; constantly improving and upgrading our products and services.